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Virtual Reality in your business. Internet companies and more advice. The era of technology is here to stay and for this reason we have all had to adapt to it. If your company still hasn't adapted to this new age, wait no more, take a look at interne...

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Partnership Alfa Inmobiliaria and Floorfy

Alfa Inmobiliaria has become Floorfy’s new ally, joining the revolution taking the real estate sector by storm.   Índice Partnership between Alfa Inmobiliaria and Floorfy The incredible development of Alfa Inmobiliaria What are the benefits of the al...

Alfa Inmobiliaria has become Floorfy’s new ally, joining the revolution taking the real estate sector by storm.


Partnership between Alfa Inmobiliaria and Floorfy

As a result of this union, those who wish to find a house can perform searches that offer much more information about each property, along with virtual visits. These are so realistic that, after viewing them, the potential client can make a final decision without physically leaving their house.


The incredible development of Alfa Inmobiliaria

Since its creation in 1997, Alfa Inmobiliaria has made transparency one of its principle identity traits. This is characterised by its use of the services of mediators with experience in the sector. These people meet with buyers and sellers to help them reach an agreement through direct negotiation. Without a doubt, this is one of the causes of its success, as transparency quickly invites confidence.

Another of its strengths is the in-house working system that it has managed to develop, and in which one of the defining characteristics is innovation. Proof of this are the 360º virtual tours that, thanks to Floorfy, are now implemented in their real estate portfolio.

This firm not only has a long history in Spain but also has had an important presence in Mexico for nearly 15 years. More recently, it has started expanding to other countries in Latin America such as the Dominican Republic and Bolivia, where it extends its philosophy, its professional code and its internal customs, that have developed with the end goal of guaranteeing the clientele’s rights.


What are the benefits of the alliance between Alfa Inmobiliaria and Floorfy?

Because of the agreement, this estate agent allows those who access their webpage to take online visits in their search for flats. Among the advantages of virtual tours that we have provided them with, the following stand out.

  1. They can be carried out from any where in the world and at any time, without the need to make prior appointments.
  2. They offer a 360º view of the property in question, which can be covered inch by inch, with access to all the rooms, highlighting the layout of the property.
  3. The potential client will be able to spend all the time they need on the online visit, even repeating it as many times as they consider necessary.
  4. The real estate agents will have more time to carry out other tasks and advise the client by video call, only when requested.


Real estate digitalization is no longer the future, but the present!

We have become used to making more and more purchases online in recent years. From clothes to furniture to decorate your home, food, vehicles and the most unlikely products… Why not purchase a home over the Internet too?

Although this proposal may lead to initial hesitation, the truth is that the digitalization of the property sector has advanced by leaps and bounds, to the point that what seemed unthinkable before is now a very common reality.

Some time ago, real estate companies jumped into cyberspace, ready to open virtual offices in places where there was no need for showcases with photographic galleries of their properties. But these were not enough to make a real decision on purchasing. Now, however, with virtual tours, something has changed. It is the ideal option for those who do not have time to go through an infinite number of flats before choosing the one they love.

In Floorfy we try to facilitate this housing search by applying new technologies to the real estate sector. And the result is a nothing but a success in Alfa Inmobiliaria.


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