At Floorfy, we are proud to announce the launch of our new blog, which we have been working hard in recent months to bring to you. We are now able to share with you all the latest real estate know-how to help your real estate agency, in an even more accessible format, boosting your marketing strategy and making your life easier.

Thanks to our new layout, you can easily browse all our articles, quickly finding the valuable content you are looking for, to boost your real estate agency. Wherever in the world you may be, we have a post for you, with all our articles written in both English and Spanish.

The blog covers a range of themes, from the latest developments in the proptech sector, to simple guides that will help an estate agent to be successful and productive. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive guide to implementing 360° cameras into your business, want to know what our brand ambassador Alberto Conesa has to say about the real estate sector, or want to learn more about how virtual tours work, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we have a brief guide to using our blog categories, so you can get the most of the free content we provide. Check it out now!


Real Estate Marketing

We realise how important it is to successfully market your agency, in an environment as fiercely competitive as the real estate sector. With the development of new technologies, there’s no shortage of ways to promote your agency, in order to keep up with the competition. This is why the first section of Floorfy’s blog is real estate marketing, and we update it for you every week.

This section is a comprehensive guide to how to market your real estate agency to potential clients, whilst making the most of the latest innovations in technology and social media. Our posts fall under a range of categories, such as real estate branding, the latest proptech developments, how to use social media to your advantage, and a guide to the use of real estate portals. We also have a range of articles covering developments in both the Spanish and English housing markets, like this article about how Covid-19 has affected the UK housing market.

Maybe you’re just starting out in the real estate sector, and want to find out what phrases best attract clients to properties, or you’re an established real estate agency looking to adjust to the digital age by enjoying the benefits of social media, this section has something for everyone.


Real Estate Interviews

In the latest addition to our blog categories we have Real Estate Interviews, where we rack the brains of our clients, and other important figures in the sector, to benefit from their extensive experience and knowledge.

These interviews take the form of informal chats about all things related to real estate. Our chats cover a wide range of themes, from the effect of COVID-19 on the day to day functioning of the housing market, their predictions for the development of the sector in the coming years, and, on a more personal level, what motivates our interviewees to do what they do.

You can find interviews with proptech recruiters like Dilan Omari-Clark, real estate agents like Damian Hecht, and mentors like Alberto Conesa, which make for an interesting range of conversations to keep you informed on the latest developments.



In our partners section, we keep you updated on the latest clients to join the digital revolution, by opting for our virtual reality software. Our partners include investment funds, property developers, real estate agents, mentors and portals, making for an interesting range of articles, whatever organisation you might be interested in learning more about.

We go through the key facts about our latest partners, how they came to be and what their partnership with Floorfy means for them and the sector more broadly. Here is an example of one of our posts,  about our partnership with real estate mentor Carlos Rentalo, which includes a video where he explains the key elements of Floorfy’s software.


Floorfy Features

In our Features section is where we go into detail about the specifics of Floorfy’s virtual reality software and how it can benefit your real estate agency.

Our software can be divided into a range of different features, ranging from virtual home staging to integrated video-call software. You can find a playlist of these on our YouTube channel, and we also have an article about each one. In these blogs, we go into detail so you can understand exactly what each specific feature is, how it works and why it will make your life easier.

We also have a range of general articles that can help you get to grips with what exactly virtual reality software is, and how it can be used in the real estate sector. For example, in ‘All-in-one virtual reality software for real estate: what is it?’, we unravel the terms that are used to describe this new technology.


We hope you enjoy our new blog as much as we have enjoyed making it, we’re sure you will find some valuable content for your real estate agency. We believe we have something for everyone, as you will see from the variety of content we have produced.


You can follow our latest post updates on our Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook channels, so you don’t miss out on an article in the future.


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