Partnership between BidX1 and Floorfy

At this point, to say that the coronavirus has caused a radical change for millions of people is nothing new. Online shopping has shot up in recent months, settling definitively in sectors that would be excluded as essential…such as real estate. It is now possible to buy a home without physically visiting it, by alternatively taking a virtual online tour which would normally be done face-to-face with a real estate agent. The alliance between Floorfy and Bidx1 serves to boost the digitalization of the real estate market.

Who are Bidx1?

This is an international digital platform dedicated to the purchase and sale of properties. Its origin is in Ireland, where in 2011 it made its first purchase of properties. From the Emerald Isle it made the jump to the United Kingdom in the first quarter of 2018 and, before the end of that year, it also landed in the South African real estate sector. His leap to Spain came in 2019, when he opened his Madrid office at the same time as his Cyprus office.

Its objective is simple: to carry out online digital transactions in a simple, effective and transparent way. It is precisely transparency that is one of the basic pillars of the company, along with integrity, information and accessibility. This agreement with Floorfy will facilitate the virtualization of real estate work, benefiting all Bidx1‘s potential clients.

From a series of photographic captures, Floorfy’s software will generate a virtual tour of the property, including 3D plans, floor plans and HD photographs, as well as adding all the necessary documentation. In fact, we already have over 50,000 tours in place and over 3 million virtual tours are taken every month.

Bidx1 is made up of a team of professionals capable of helping interested users throughout the process on the web, and if necessary, arranging physical visits to properties. After registering to bid, in which the individual must make a deposit, it is possible to make definitive bids on auction days. Each bid will appear on the page in real time and, once the sales process has been completed, the contract will be signed.

What benefits does this partnership bring?

Thanks to this alliance, the users of the real estate platform will not have to wait for visiting days to view the properties. They will be able to take a virtual tour whenever they want, as well as receive specific information such as 2D dimensional plans, three-dimensional plans, details…

Potential clients will thus be able to visit the different properties offered by Bidx1 without travelling, avoiding restrictions on mobility. And not only for properties abroad but also in other communities or provinces. In this way, the buying and selling process becomes 100% digital, including the visit to the properties and from whatever device.

What benefits does it bring to real estate digitalization?

The digitalization process in the property sector was progressing gradually, but COVID-19 and lockdown has driven this process. In fact, Bidx1 sold properties worth over 2 million euros during the state of alert. And, in many cases, buyers bid without having visited the property in person. The process is completely secure, and the interested party can always count on the company of a real estate agent during their virtual tour. Just as you can visit museums virtually and without leaving your home, it is now possible to buy a new home from your living room: the partnership between Floorfy and Bidx1 facilitates the virtualization of visits – a growing trend. Many citizens have decided to change their flats in the city for more spacious houses further away from the centre.


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