1. Real estate strategies against coronavirus: virtual tours

2. Why use virtual tours? 7 reasons

2.1 Saving time

2.2 You can invest less in selling or renting an apartment

2.3 Get closer to reality with virtual open houses

2.4 Adapt to new technologies

2.5 Homes open 24 hours a day with virtual tours

2.6 Differentiate yourself from the rest

2.7 No difficulties at all

3. How do shoppers behave in the digital age?

4. The Real Estate Market in Spain: Real Estate agencies versus the Coronavirus

1. Real estate strategies against coronavirus: virtual tours

In recent years, more and more people have been doing their business online and they are doing it now more than ever, since the arrival of the coronavirus. This is mainly due to limitations in mobility, either for legal reasons (restricted travel) or preventive health measures reducing clients’ exposure to the virus. Therefore, tools such as online virtual tours allow real estate businesses to continue to flourish, even during times of confinement.

In short, 3D tours combined with virtual calls allow us to continue with the commercial activity. There have even been cases of contracts being signed without a physical visit taking place.

2. Why use virtual tours? 7 reasons

2.1 Saving Time

Time is crucial to real estate agents. Taking virtual tours to sell more properties in your real estate agency will save you a considerable amount of time. These tours offer the possibility to those interested to see the properties in a way that will allow them to discard the houses that are not satisfactory to them, only physically visiting their favourites.

By clicking on the following post you will enjoy some tips on how to save time when showing properties for sale.

2.2 You can invest less in selling or renting  an apartment

In a short time you will reach a large number of customers, quickly discovering their uncertainty about the products. In many cases, the virtual visit replaces traditional promotional apprachess, minimizing costs and generating high profitability. You will also save yourself a large number of trips.

2.3 Get closer to reality with virtual open houses

Virtual tours mimic reality extremely well. Upon taking a walk through a virtual tour, you can see how the house is distributed, contemplate its finishes and to observe the luminosity that it has. In this way we create the sensation that the client is immersed in his/her future home. The buyers will have the chance to evaluate in an almost definitive way their actual interest in the residence before scheduling a physical visit.

As if this were not enough, with the functionality of Floorfy’s virtual calls, you can be accompanied by a real estate agent who guides and informs you about every relevant detail about the property through a video call within the virtual tour itself.

2.4 Adapting to new technologies

Technology is becoming increasingly important. It makes work and life easier. Virtual tours are the most advanced technology available in the real estate sector. By uploading and sharing tours of your agency’s homes in real estate portals and social networks, you will modernize your company as a whole.

2.5 Houses open 24 hours a day with virtual tours

By publishing and sharing tours of the houses on multiple platforms, estate agencies will be able to show all their properties 24 hours a day. In addition, clients will be able to see them from any device and from anywhere in the world.

2.6 Differentiate yourself from the rest

Doubt is something innate to human beings. When a person interested in some of the houses that a real estate agency has in their portfolio, normally it takes a bit of shuffling for them to decide on one. These tours, in addition to all the advantages they offer, will distinguish your companies above those that do not have them. If you offer your clients a faster and more comfortable way of seeing your properties, it will allow your company to differentiate itself from the competitors. It will give interested parties a more personal experience and the client will opt for your services.

Don’t hesitate to stand out among real estate agencies in these times of coronavirus and implement virtual reality to your business!

2.7 You don’t have any difficulty

Creating a virtual tour is really easy. All you need to have is a 360º camera and a panoramic tripod. The software you need to upload the photos is provided by us at Floorfy.

In conclusion, there are more than enough reasons to incorporate virtual tours into real estate portals. Sharing virtual tours on your website is a benefit over the rest of the real estate agencies that do not yet have such technology, since investing in these resources, you will not only save time, but you will also spend less. By publishing your properties in different real estate portals, people will be able to view you at anytime from anywhere.

3. How do home buyers behave in the digital era?

Today, 84% of home buyers start their search on the Internet and websites with virtual tours actually receive 50% more visits. The Internet has changed everything, and the real estate sector could not be less in touch with it. In recent times the internet and technology have globalized and digitized the world. Buyers now have applications that allow them to search for homes in their desired location. Websites have virtual tours so that users can look at different homes of their choice while reducing their physical search to their favourite homes. The online search maximizes the ability to compare and contrast homes in the marketplace by selected features.

4. The Real Estate Market in Spain:

Real Estate Agencies vs. Coronavirus 

There are currently more than 55,000 real estate agencies in Spain. Over 90% of these have websites and the most common feature on their websites is the endless property listings.

Since 2007, just before the crisis, property sales had already suffered a decrease and 1 out of 3 people bought a house over the internet.

This 2020, the adaptation of real estate agencies to the coronavirus has been even more drastic and surprising. One of the changes that many of them have incorporated has been the virtual tours for the sale of properties.

When we analyze how our competitors have acted, we realize that there is more and more competition, and different companies use different techniques to differentiate themselves from the rest. Taking all this into account, updating technological trends by adapting to virtual reality can act as an advantage in our favour to attract clients.

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