Thinking about social media and its uses for real estate agents is nothing trivial, since we dedicate approximately 30% of the time we spend on the internet to using it. The presence of different agencies on these digital showcases increases day by day. The purpose it serves is to increase their business opportunities and improve their profitability. But social media is also an extremely powerful tool in demonstrating your values and mannerisms to your audience. Would you like to know why you should start using social media if you still haven’t started? We’ll tell you!

Benefits of using social media

Currently, social media has become an integral part of everyday life and, as a consequence, it comes in handy if you know how to use them to promote the activity of different businesses. In this respect, estate agencies are not left behind. Let’ see, then, what the benefits of using social media in the real estate sector are.

1. They significantly increase sales

Studies have been published indicating that half of agencies who have a social media presence have increased their revenue. This statistic is significant since 75% of people who search for properties do it on the internet.

Furthermore, in Spain alone, more than 13 million users are on the social media platform Facebook. And that demonstrates that you can reach your target audience with greater ease if you have a profile on this network.

2. Generate more traffic

If the content you publish on social media directs users to your blog or your website, evidently, the traffic of these spaces will increase by a considerable amount. Therefore, remember to always attach a hyperlink to your posts.

3. They are useful for your SEO

Social media is a tool that has a significant impact on your organic positioning in search engines and, of course, measures the level of interaction with your content. The latter is known in marketing as engagement. Well , those interactions (likes, comments, retweets) will be one of your most precious assets, because they will show Google that you offer value. Something that will help escalate your positions in search engine results and will increase your visibility.

4. They are very economical

Social media is a very profitable tool because it does not cost you anything to use it. In other words, for your content to reach someone, you only have to write and produce it. However, if you want your publications to reach a specific audience, you can promote them. In those cases, research has shown that the result of these investments can be tremendous.

5. They localize your message and measure the results

Some social media networks give you the opportunity to direct your messages to a specific geographical zone. In this way, you can reinforce a particular message and personalize content to impact the public in a more direct and intimate way.

If you want to discover the result of these interactions, on most social media you have a statistics panel that shows you all the data related with your publication in real time. This will allow you to modify your strategy when you consider it.

6. They benefit loyalty

The Social Habit is a publication whose studies indicated that 53% of Americans never neglect the brands that they follow on social media. A retention of this calibre, through original and attractive content, is very significant.

The main social media for the real estate sector

Not all businesses rely on having accounts on all social media platforms. Why? Well, simply, because they audience can have more of a presence in some compared to others. Let’s see what social media networks for real estate agents are more interesting and what type of content you should promote in them.


In this social network you should offer relevant information in a relaxed tone, with contributions of value but, at the same time, entertainment. Leave a small gap for commercial content. In line with your interactions, you will know whether to publish posts daily or whether 3 a week is sufficient.


Here publications should be attractive and direct. Remember that your character count is limited and that the use of hashtags is a great way to distribute your publication. Try to also link the posts to your blog and have in mind that a lot of posts are published on this network requiring you to stand out among them, so creative work catches the most attention.


This is one of the best bets as users love to investigate and, above all, see what they are going to buy. In this respect, virtual tours ares becoming a great tool that, accompanied with client testimonials, gives rise to a tandem that should be considered in the real estate sector.


A very visual platform, where images carry the most weight. You can create informative albums with photographs of properties that you have on the market.

Content strategies

How should you design your content to generate good feedback? Following these guidelines.

  1. Free. This word attracts users’ attention like nothing else. Additionally, there are a number of things you can do without paying anything and that ,in the long run, can generate substantial benefits.
  2. Simple. Simplicity is something that ensures people are interested in the message.
  3. Novel. This helps transmit the message. Offering novel, useful or interesting information helps make your message known.

In your profiles you should not just publish your property portfolio, this bores your potential clients and they will stop following you. You need to create varied content that combines news of interest from the sector, advice for searching properties, guides for owners and landlords, types of mortgages, home insurance contracts and whatever other content that you believe is relevant to users.

As you can see, social media networks for real estate agents can offer huge benefits if you use them adequately. Are you still someone who thinks they are a waste of time? If you still do not have a profile on them, let go of your prejudgements, take a step forward and discover how they can help you in your business.


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